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DIY Cannabis Tea

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How to Make Marijuana Tea? Marijuana tea is a soothing drink made by steeping ground cannabis buds in hot water. When consumed, the treat releases THC into your body and imparts a calming high that is perfect for pain or stress relief. Marijuana use is a criminal offense in many parts of the world, so only partake if the drug is legal in your area.
Grind the marijuana buds. Separate out the stems and seeds if necessary, and use a grinder or chop up the buds with a sharp knife until they’re finely chopped, but not completely powdered.

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  1. This is not bioavailable. You’re spewing incorrect information to the masses.
    Powderized cannabis by combining feco, reintroduced terpenes dropped onto maltodextrin and thoroughly mixed (after heating oil and lecithin Before adding cannabis oil) is a good way to infuse tea with bioavailable whilo plant. Just stepping pot in water won’t do it

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